Now that we have a small herd of goats, we need to keep them safe. Because of their small size, goats are vulnerable to predators, primarily coyotes and dogs. It’s a virtual guarantee that a predator will eventually visit our goat herd. Fencing may be a first line of defense but it’s not enough. I’ve had too many sleepless nights listening to the coyotes; it was time to bring home a livestock guardian dog or two.
The red fox was our first predator. He attacked in the middle of the day. He wasn’t so lucky the second day. Robert to the rescue this time but he can’t be there to guard 24/7 like a livestock guardian dog.
The Colorado Mountain Dog is a livestock guardian dog specifically bred for small acreage farming, a perfect fit for Heaven’s 7 Acres.  These dogs will openly greet human beings they are not familiar with. Many of the traits of the traditional LGD breeds, such as wandering, aggression towards humans, or over barking, can make their use problematic on a small acreage farm like ours. The CMD was developed specifically for use on smaller properties where over-barking and wandering can be a concern.
The puppies were 8 weeks old when they arrived on the farm. Because we have no adult guardian dogs as teachers, they are staying with Farmer Frank’s goat herd. His 5 year old Merrema LGD, Bear, will be teaching them the basics of guarding goats and chickens. The hardest part was not to bring the adorable little fur balls into the house; we need livestock guardian dogs not another dog in the house!
Greg has always wanted to breed dogs. He’s grown up with chocolate Labradors and will be breeding Colorado Mountain Dogs to help pay for college.