• Siberian Garlic

    • Hot, spicy and full-flavored
    • Grows milder in storage
    • Huge bulbs with a stunning rich burgundy-purple skin, each containing about 5-8 large cloves per bulb


    German Red Garlic

    This spicy garlic with an oniony flavor came to this country over a hundred years ago with German immigrants. Its strong heat is like a hot pepper.

    • Makes an excellent salsa.
    • Approximately 8 purple-and-brown-skinned cloves per bulb


     Red Chesnok Garlic

    • A fairly well adapted variety from the former USSR
    • This flavorful garlic is nice and full, but with a mellow aftertaste
    • Does not store as well as some others (maximum holding time is about 6 months)
    • Intense flavor that remains even when cooked
    • About 8-10 cloves per bulb


    Music Garlic

    • An aromatic, slightly spicy, incredibly flavorful garlic
    • Potent heat that is balanced by the spiciness.
    • Use in mashed potatoes or with seafood.
    • Produces between 4–6 large, easy to peel cloves per bulb, with shiny-white sheaths and pink-tinged clove skins

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