Heaven's 7 Acres hens provide a steady supply of delicious and healthy brown eggs. All of our chickens are pastured and roam freely in the great outdoors to scavenge for bugs, clover, and other tasty treats. This results in happier and healthier chickens, but more importantly eggs that are better for you, higher in vitamins and lower in cholesterol. Our hens are fed an organic, non-GMO feed. The hens are never given antibiotics and the eggs are always FRESH! Eggs are available at our farm year round for $3 a dozen.


  • We are growing fodder as supplemental feed for our chickens and goats. Fodder is sprouted grains, grown to 3-4 inches before harvesting for feed. When the seed sprouts, all that nutritional goodness becomes bioavailable to our animals in the form of a plant.  It’s easier for them to digest, which means they absorb more nutrients. Fodder is 80% digestible while grains are 30%.  We are currently sprouting local barley, spelt and black oil sunflower seeds.  We look forward to growing our own organic sunflower seeds and amaranth.


Mailing Address: PO Box 1658

Afton, WY 83110

Farm Address: 188 Hurd-Jensen Ct. Grover, WY 83122

Phone: 307-221-0842

Email:  Heavens7Acres@gmail.com

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