Our pack goat bucklings will be handpicked for size and conformation. We prefer buyers allow us to keep them here till weaning at 3 months of age as we believe dam raised is healthier. We also like to use this time to confirm that each prospect is growing and will develop as expected. Although anyone can bottle raise their own kids, we don’t suggest it. It’s our belief that replacers do not grow kids nearly as well as fresh raw goat milk.  

Our 2020 kidding season is from April-May.  Weaning is from July-August.
We will accept deposits of $200 per kid.  Full price on a wethered, weaned pack goat buckling is $350.  Castrating at 60-90 days of age will potentially reduce the risk of urinary calculi. We use the elastrator method of castration.

Our bucklings are all very socialized. They are handled a lot as kids. We also put collars on them and get them out on a leash. They are taken out of the penned barn area off leash and allowed to browse. They don’t wander far from me and will follow me when I walk away. They learn to head back to the barn on command. It’s my experience that a well socialized intact buckling is much easier to handle as they get older.

We reserve the right to retain any buckling as breeding line prospect.